FREE DRIVE to see the best view of Mount Fuji with Owner Daisuke in morning~!

From November to April, we will drive to Tanuki Lake in Fujinomiya to see the sunrise in morning.
Depart from TOKIWA before the sunrise time and after that we will also go to see Shiraito Waterfalls and back to TOKIWA at about 8am.
(P.S. Due to the weather condition, sometime we could not see the sunrise)

From 10th July to 10th September, we will drive to 5th station of Mount Fuji.
For climbing season, we depart at 5:30am and arrive to 5th station at 6:30am.
After climbing, please take the bus back to TOKIWA.
If not climbing, we will stay at 5th station for about 30 minutes then back to TOKIWA together at 7am.

After climbing season,(May June September October) we will depart from 8am and arrive to 5th station at 9am, spend 1 hour for hiking there and back to TOKIWA at about 11am.
Anyone is welcome to attend this drive.

※The time may different since it depends on the weather and also the schedule of the owner. Please understand.

If dont, you can stay at the house and relax.
We are waiting for you.

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